Spring Clean Your Household Product Packaging

Spring cleaning often means shaking off the excesses of winter and starting fresh for the new season. Traditionally, spring cleaning is about airing out your home and giving it a thorough scrubbing, but lately, it has become more than that.

Many people are using the idea of spring cleaning to get back to the basics of a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle. This means getting rid of clutter, re-evaluating lifestyle choices and making small changes that can lead to big improvements in your quality of life.

One change that most people don’t think to make is the switch to a more eco-friendly and sustainable home life. Some may think that this is too difficult or costly, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be hard at all.

Saying Yes to Reducing Waste

Port Moody’s very first refill shop is now open, and it is set to change how the community thinks about its carbon footprint.

The store, aptly named The Refillery, is a one-stop shop for all of the home cleaning products you and your family might need. Single-use plastics are a huge source of waste and clutter in the home, even if you do recycle them when possible.

Instead of cluttering your home with ugly plastic containers of mass-produced soaps, detergents, skincare and cleaning agents, you can now visit The Refillery and let them fill your jars and bottles with package-free cleansers and lotions that are locally sourced and environmentally friendly.

You can reuse plastic containers from your home if you wish, or you can bring in glass jars, bulk bags or natural containers to be filled with the formulations you need.

What You Can Have Refilled

The owners at The Refillery have an extensive list of household cleaners for sale, including the following items:

– Bubble bath

– Body lotion

– Soaps

– All-purpose cleaners

– Dishwashing detergents

– Laundry soaps

– Shampoo and conditioner

– Skincare and beauty products

The store also stocks other sustainable lifestyle items such as feminine hygiene products, reusable straws, dryer balls, reusable food storage, dish cloths and other goods that support zero-waste living.

Spring Clean Your Household Products This Year

Reducing the clutter and waste of single-use plastics is a great way to live in a home that is fresh, clean and full of things that “spark joy” as Japanese home organization guru Marie Kondo would put it. Consider switching to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle by shopping at The Refillery this year.